ObLaDiProgramCover150The Concord Conservatory of Music holds its major fundraising gala each year at the deCordova Sculpture Garden and Museum. An overarching musical theme is selected that drives the visual presentation and overall content. In 2016, that theme was the Beatles, and the graphic theme was carried forth in the save the date, invitation package, program, and event posters. Even the musical selections for the evening were Beatles tunes! (inside program pages .pdf)


Twice each year, the Concord Conservatory of Music produces a newsletter for its donors and donor prospects. Typically organized around a philanthropic theme, the newsletter includes articles around donors, events, and students of the conservatory. For the Fall 2015 issue, I wrote articles celebrating the conservatory’s 10th anniversary, thanking the donors, and building a distinct call to action to ensure the continued success of the music school. (inside spread)

Babson's Vision ThumbnailWhen President Bill Glavin stepped onto the Babson stage, he brought with him a keen sensibility for marketing, borne of his experience at Xerox and beyond. He established College Marketing, among the nation’s first integrated college marketing teams, to promote and coordinate the identity efforts of the school. One of the first major pieces we produced for the College was the president’s first annual report, a thematic and challenging representation of the college and its goals. (inside spread)

Viewbook CoverIn this same vein, my team began working with both the admissions office and selected outside consultants to reshape Babson’s image to be a more contemporary, global one. Our undergraduate viewbook, which we produced in both domestic and international versions, helped crystallize the brand towards that of an international center of entrepreneurial education. (inside spread)


Are You Always Thinking?We also recognized that the Viewbook was not necessarily the best medium to reach prospective undergraduate students–while parents (and grandparents!) were somewhat wed to the more permanent print artifact, teenage media consumers were bombarded with media messages. We delivered a contemporary, quick hit publication that redirected potential applicants to a dedicated website in a novel, upbeat manner. (inside spread)


Grad Catalog CoverBabson’s MBA audience was by and large a more conservative, established one, who tended to view the acquisition of an MBA as a next-step investment in future income and career potential. Our marketing campaign was accordingly directed to that end. (inside spread)